DJ Rainflow is something a little different to what we normally look at, but it’s good fun nonetheless. We don’t condone all of the design choices here, but there are a few standout features that are really awesome design elements and it’s well worthwhile focussing on them as a great source of inspiration for upcoming projects. Let’s take a look.

The homepage hero slider is really amazing, and utilises some very cool effects just by adding some fades and resizes on load. This makes it look like there’s a full video running, but it’s simply layered images – nice hey? As an eye-catching event promo page, this hits the spot for sure. It’s probably not suited to other endeavours where you’re looking to showcase work, but there are a few examples we can think of where this would rock. Moving down the homepage we come across a full-width Instagram feed that is killer. It’s really awesome – check it out here. The hover effect isn’t the best choice, in our opinion, but it fits the “chunky line” design mantra that’s used here.

DJ Rainflow has great Soundcloud integration, as you’d expect for a music/band/event theme, and even has some nice custom styling to clean up your Woocommerce store if you’re looking to sell items as part of your event promotions. The upcoming date listing fits in nicely with the theme styles, and this is a great way to avoid having a real calendar on the site (which would be bad…). The single event pages are fun too, and have a nice Google Calendar or iCal export function which is a nice touch (and shows some serious attention to detail here).

Overall, DJ Rainflow might have a narrower target market to what we normally look at, but it’s a nice example of how design really needs to fit the end-use and the product itself. This site wouldn’t work being a clean flat design, like many others we look at, so it’s a good experiment in design 101. Take a look here, and check out DJ Rainflow today.

What we liked:

  • The dark and grungy colour scheme – works well for this purpose
  • The Instagram feed. AH!
  • Homepage hero slider – really (really) cool.

Not so much:

  • Some of the thick lines and hover effects may be overkill, but perhaps OK in this context
  • Some users may find the light text on dark background hard on the eyes, but we didn't have too many issues here