Well… Penumbra is a winner! This theme is just wild, and you should definitely check it out! The cleanest example of a creative portfolio or company site we’ve seen in a long time, and some really great animations to boot. As a theme package, it’s available in both black and white, and both are really just outstanding. We mainly examined the white version, but having both is definitely not a bad thing. Let’s break down the things we liked in more detail.

There are a range of pre-designed homepages in Penumbra, but we liked the Freelancer Home as it featured a large hero slider at the top of the page, followed by some awesome work examples and blog article listings. In all of these main sections, there are some excellent parallax text animations, and the whole site feels smooth and super-slick! The whole site lives inside a grey box, and this works really well to complement the design itself. There’s a really great level of attention-to-detail overall, but especially with the font choices. The font families themselves are excellent, and the sizing choices work really well to present an effective overall layout.

There is no AJAX to load between pages in Penumbra, but we don’t mind this as it wouldn’t add a huge deal to the overall experience. As a bonus, this particular theme also covers online shop layouts including those for WooCommerce. There is a huge range of additional elements included, including some fun things like the “Interactive Link Showcase”, the “Interactive Links” and the theme-matching Google Maps styling.

Because of the size of the theme and framework, there is a slight delay in loading, but it’s not particularly noticeable (or wouldn’t be for most people). Overall this is a really great design example, and a fully functional theme that could be used and customised to take your next project to a totally new level. Check out Penumbra today, and look at the demo here for all the exciting bits and pieces.

What we liked:

  • Overall design
  • Typography – both font choice and sizing
  • Really effective use of parallax scrolling for header text
  • Great menu supporting loads of menu items

Not so much:

  • Slight loading delay
  • Menu slightly confusing – a few layers of complexity here; but not the end of the world!