The Pitch Deck Proposal Google Slides deck is a pretty sweet example of a multipurpose slide template, and showcases some great examples of design work throughout. There are definitely some concerns too, but overall it’s a pretty solid product and graphic design example. Do keep in mind that many of the striking stock images would not be included or relevant, and that you’d need to fill the gaps with your own content. There are a huge range of slide examples included in the Pitch Deck Proposal slide deck, and this version is specifically for Google Slides – but there are PowerPoint and Keynote versions available too.

The use of the large font is great, but some slides to exhibit a little too much small text for our liking. Remember to try and keep this to a minimum when designing something like this – otherwise your viewers are going to spend the whole time trying to read the tiny text instead of listening to your presenter. Some really cool masking effects are seen on a few of the example slides, and this would help to break up an otherwise boring presentation. There’s a nice use of the striking yellow colour throughout, and this could easily be replaced with a different colour as may be more brand appropriate.

A full icon set is included here too, and it’s a great example of bringing the whole project together. Of particular note are the example SWOT analysis slides. The use of large imagery and striking colour is really effective here, and this is something we’d be looking to utilise in the future for similar projects. The header fonts do look good, but the body content font is a little run-of-the-mill for us. Some really cool use of angles and lines make this a pretty darn solid slide deck – and, if nothing else, a great example of some funky design work.

Check out the Pitch Deck Proposal today, and see whether it’s something you could use to kickstart a project (or even just act as your inspiration).

What we liked:

  • Excellent design elements, including striking lines, colour and imagery.
  • Good use of large headers, and a wide variety of slide designs that all follow a very similar design mantra.

Not so much:

  • Too much body content in some cases. Keep those slides brief people!
  • A little boring main content font.
  • Striking images are necessary here – probably not a great one if you haven't got any!