Stockholm is a nifty little WordPress theme that has (currently) 23 different versions of layouts included. This overview focusses on V23, the latest iteration, only because it’s something a little different being design originally for a restaurant. There are heaps of other nice design elements in many of the other versions, and you should definitely check them out here, but let’s break down the restaurant version and see what it has to offer.

Stockholm features slick parallax animation across the site, and demonstrates this beautifully on the homepage of the restaurant theme. There is a subtle fade-in animation for all content, and this adds to the modern feel of the site as a whole. While this version of Stockholm (V23) is designed as a restaurant theme, all of the features are usable in all layouts with a bit of rearranging. Navigating from page to page is done nicely with the help of some AJAX loading, meaning the page doesn’t refresh or reload when an internal link is clicked. When this is possible, and done well, it presents the user with a more coherent experience with no flashes of page background colour (nice). The gallery is a nice full-width element here, and showcases some great product imagery useful in almost any circumstance.

The contact page has a great layout, and the custom CSS for the Google Maps element adds a really professional touch to the site as a whole. The typography is very effective here, and considerable thought has gone into the design and development of this theme. It doesn’t have “flashy” features like many of the other “build-a-site” themes available for WordPress, but it really doesn’t need it. Stockholm achieves what it sets out to in a great way, and it’s got some really inspiring design elements that are definitely going to be sources of inspiration for our next few projects.

Take a look at Stockholm today, and try the demo available here.

What we liked:

  • Subtle animations add to cleanness and modernness of the site
  • Great typography!
  • Nice styling on maps elements
  • Good use of parallax scrolling to add some depth to the site
  • Animation of the menu, and ajax loading of the pages

Not so much:

  • While we love the ajax loading of the pages, some indication of activity might be necessary on slow connections
  • Parallax can get just the slightest bit jumpy at times