Evonews is a slick example of a potential news/magazine website, utilising the latest in clean design elements and a no-distraction user experience focussing on the large imagery and content itself. The hero image on the homepage is eye-catching, and will allow a designer to grab a user’s attention quickly and effectively. Following this, a nice basic masonry layout (image #2) allows a range of articles to be presented in a varied and interesting fashion. Highlighting different categories using certain colours is a nice touch, and allows for easy identification of content types.

The Evonews homepage in particular has a huge amount of content visible, and this is a great feature for any online publishing platform to ensure that users can be exposed to as many different articles as possible. Once a user jumps in to a single-item page (see image #4 below), the funky hero image display is again eye-catching but fully functional in presenting great imagery without reducing readability (which may have happened if the text was over the top of this hero image).

The site overall is easy to navigate, but when completed filled with content could become a real monster to manage. One thing to consider is how the theme stores the user’s content – and just to see whether it uses custom post types here or simply makes use of the default WordPress “post”. The concern is that if a custom post type is used is that if you were to later choose to change themes, your content becomes hard to access in a new design – but it’s likely (although unconfirmed) that this isn’t an issue here.

There are some good ad placement opportunities throughout Evonews, and this will be great for content producers who are looking for ways to monetise their content without having to clutter and distract.

Overall, Evonews is a really wicked theme and some great inspiration for any content-rich web design project. Take a look at the demo here, and see if this might be a good starting point for your next site!

What we liked:

  • Clean and simple design – very effective
  • Single-article pages – awesome hero image placement
  • Subtle animations on scroll – content appears on scroll, images appear lazy-loaded

Not so much:

  • Not much really... it's pretty awesome!
  • Be wary of locking your content into specific content types that may be theme specific – what happens if you decide to change themes?