Aveo is an outstanding example of a simple personal portfolio site, utilising some fun animations (if not potentially overkill at times) to demonstrate the latest in web technologies. It utilises some slick flat design elements, and is based on the idea of a physical business card. Take a look through the gallery below, and see if the Aveo theme might be a good inspiration for your next design. It’s a WordPress theme, so keep that in mind if your project isn’t using WordPress as a back-end, but would be a nice drop-in solution for something simple – maybe even for your resume?

While fairly specific for portfolio and resume use cases, it could be easily adapted to a wider variety of project types – or certainly many elements could be. Take a look at the demo here, and grab a copy of the theme itself (and find out more) here!

What we liked:

  • Flat design elements
  • Fun animations

Not so much:

  • Nice animations between most pages, but single blog items will reload the page
  • The animations are sometimes overkill