The Bold Minimal Keynote Template is an awesome slide deck for those designers looking for something eye-catching yet clean to help them deliver an amazing presentation (regardless of the content). This particular design makes use of a very flat design mantra, but combines this with a really cool use of gradients and overlapping elements to add interest to each slide. The range of designs included is huge – seriously – and this would be an amazing starting point for many pitch-deck style presentations.

Depending on your design experience, the number of layouts included may well be overkill (more than 480 included at the time of publishing – yikes), however for most users it’s probably a perfect slather of design options to suit individual needs. Each slide featured is full customisable, but do keep in mind that because this is a Keynote Template, it will only work on the Mac platform. Regardless, it’s still an awesome design inspiration tool that could be used in all kinds of projects both on the web and offline.

There is no demo of this one, but there is a HUGE preview image (available here) that outlines almost every one of the slides (yeah… it’s 45,000 pixels high!), so take a look and get inspired by some awesome work here on the Bold Minimal Keynote Template out of Germany!

What we liked:

  • Who said gradients were out?
  • Awesome use of large text, simple shapes, and clean design elements
  • Really nice elements that could be used in ANY kind of project (not just Keynotes)
  • Some really unique slides – including those for a SWOT analysis (for example)
  • Slick graphing and charting

Not so much:

  • The huge selection of slides may be overkill/confusing for some
  • Not much else... it's great!