Rigid, a WordPress theme designed specifically for WooCommerce sites, features awesome full-screen imagery on the homepage which would be perfect for sales of anything that could do with a huge hero shot! There are plenty of animations to boot too, with product items animated as the user scrolls down any of the listing pages (homepage included). Not only do items fade and fill on scroll, they also animate on hover – perhaps this is overkill, but it certainly gets the user’s attention and enables additional options to be visible underneath each product that would otherwise clutter the page.

There is a fair amount of flexibility possible with this theme, and why it’s called Rigid seems almost ironic – but regardless, it’s a nice starting point for a clean shop that could be easily mistaken to be one belonging to Squarespace. Often WooCommerce themes have a WooCommerce feel… which is not always a good thing. There are lots of additional plugins and features included here to ensure that the site is fully functional, and this is going to put you ahead on your next ecommerce site. Rigid has some really nice design elements, such as the blog archive page – there is a cool hover effect here where a semi-transparent image appears under the site’s main colour. Nice. Also cool is the portfolio element on single blog posts – check it out. It’s very slick, and is a great way of encouraging users to continue browsing the content. We don’t love the strikethrough menus though – whoever decided that suggesting to the user that this wasn’t the page that they were on was wrong here… some love it, but we don’t.

This theme also supports being setup as a multi-vendor marketplace, which is a nice feature. Think of it like your own little Etsy marketplace – cool – but perhaps not for everyone and every project.

Some really cool things happening here. It’s definitely not perfect, but some nice ideas for your next ecommerce/WooCommerce project, that’s for sure! Check out Rigid today.

What we liked:

  • Many design elements.
  • The blog archive page is smooth and different. Nice.
  • The portfolio element on the single blog page – really cool implementation of this using imagery and a full-width block.

Not so much:

  • Strikethrough menus. No thanks.
  • Animation overkill sometimes. Some are really nice, but some are unnecessary.