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League: WordPress Theme
League is another one of those "made for everybody" corporate style themes, but it achieves what it sets out to in flying (gradient) colours. It's a real design winner in a lot of ways, although – you do need to keep in mind –…
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DJ Rainflow: WordPress Theme
DJ Rainflow is something a little different to what we normally look at, but it's good fun nonetheless. We don't condone all of the design choices here, but there are a few standout features that are really awesome design elements and it's well worthwhile…
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Penumbra: WordPress Theme
Well... Penumbra is a winner! This theme is just wild, and you should definitely check it out! The cleanest example of a creative portfolio or company site we've seen in a long time, and some really great animations to boot. As a theme package, it's available…
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Pitch Deck Proposal: Google Slides
The Pitch Deck Proposal Google Slides deck is a pretty sweet example of a multipurpose slide template, and showcases some great examples of design work throughout. There are definitely some concerns too, but overall it's a pretty solid product and graphic design example. Do keep…
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Werkstatt: WordPress Theme
Werkstatt is a funky little creative portfolio theme designed to showcase your work in a modern and exciting way, and it does this with flying colours. It showcases the overall work using a slick masonry layout, allowing for portfolio items of different sizes, and…
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Stockholm: WordPress Theme
Stockholm is a nifty little WordPress theme that has (currently) 23 different versions of layouts included. This overview focusses on V23, the latest iteration, only because it's something a little different being design originally for a restaurant. There are heaps of other nice design…
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Evonews: WordPress Theme
Evonews is a slick example of a potential news/magazine website, utilising the latest in clean design elements and a no-distraction user experience focussing on the large imagery and content itself. The hero image on the homepage is eye-catching, and will allow a designer to…
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Aveo: WordPress Theme
Aveo is an outstanding example of a simple personal portfolio site, utilising some fun animations (if not potentially overkill at times) to demonstrate the latest in web technologies. It utilises some slick flat design elements, and is based on the idea of a physical…
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Bold Minimal: Keynote Template
The Bold Minimal Keynote Template is an awesome slide deck for those designers looking for something eye-catching yet clean to help them deliver an amazing presentation (regardless of the content). This particular design makes use of a very flat design mantra, but combines this with…
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